Why Therapy ?

Psychotherapy can be a helpful means for people struggling with some aspect of their lives. The one-to-one sessions give a person the time to focus their attention on the challenges arising, and the listening skills of a trained professional can help keep the focus and lead to new insights.

Everyone meets life challenges differently, and what might lead a person into therapy may be connected a variety of things: love and family relationships; problems at the workplace; or some dramatic change in life such as a bereavement, children leaving home, or moving house or jobs. The decision to undergo analysis may come instead from more general feelings of depression, anxiety, anger or sadness. It can stem from a long-term sense of something not being quite right, or else from a sudden change and crisis.

What is Jungian Psychotherapy?
Jungian Psychotherapy is a form of ‘depth psychology’ which looks for the personal meaning of whatever the patient brings to the analysis. The ‘depth’ means that not only conscious but also unconscious aspects are considered. This sort of work is suited to those willing to look both within and without to understand their own participation in the dance of life.

Please note that my practice is currently full and I am not able to take on any new clients at present. If you are specifically looking for a Jungian analyst and are willing to work online, you may wish to approach the various Jungian training organisations in the UK (IGAP, GAP, AJA, SAP, BJAA) and use their ‘find a therapist’  function.